underwater tea party
There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone.

So much wisdom in Joshua Rothman's beautiful essay on Virginia Woolf’s idea of privacy.

Pair with legendary psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on developing our capacity for “fertile solitude.” 

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capsule for smokers, Japan


girls screenshot everything and then send it to their friends in a group chat and then laugh at people and that is why you should never trust us

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1890-1900s Victorian Turtle Compass Fob / Pendant, Brass, $265
Never thought I’d find another one of these. The one I found last year was a favorite from 2013. 

The new `toy´ of Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Cloud,  looks very good. We will have to take a look.
Dr. Wolfram explains the thing in this blog post: “Wolfram Programming Cloud Is Live!”

My goal with the Wolfram Language in general—and Wolfram Programming Cloud in particular—is to redefine the process of programming, and to automate as much as possible, so that once a human can express what they want to do with sufficient clarity, all the details of how it is done should be handled automatically…

Piece for Nautilus on the eye.

M. C. Escher - Cage des escaliers, 1951.

an important diagram

an important diagram

an important diagram

talked to my therapist today about how anxious I am about talking to my therapist.

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