underwater tea party

Left: Quentin Massys. Ecce Homo-1520 - Right: 2 Chainz

Left: detail of Virgin and Child Enthroned with Scenes from the Life of the Virgin
Morata Master. Spain - 15th century - Right: Future

my mind does not seek to express itself artistically or otherwise outwardly because collective understanding only gravitates isolated imagery to a cohesive framework indigestible on a functional afternoon.

a desire emerges instead to seek what exists only in the framework allowed by mathematicians where my influence as a bottom feeder on the system is negligible and my subjective interpretations of the universe obey nature despite emotional disarray.

i acknowledge that pleasure is gained by eroding mental structures in order to attune oneself and reject the social constructs limiting freedom outside of one’s physical representations.

in my microcosm freedom is obtained by projecting experiences onto a constructed physical framework to process emotional deficits via a stationary reference system to resist the psychological pressure of being connected.


'Tabula Anemogra Phica' 1650s  by Jan Jansson[Compass of the Winds]
via Europeana

Frank Lloyd Wright, Rose Pauson House, Phoenix, Arizona, 1939
destroyed by fire in 1942

Ravana shaking Mount Kailash, 1790-1800
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