underwater tea party

Two cases at the shop this afternoon.

modarchitecture: A moment of Zen. Salk Institute, by Kahn & Barragan. posted by SoudaSouda

The depressing component of scientific literacy is identifying the limitations of what we are capable of in this lifetime. Indifference towards the flawed system allows the survival of hope for sustainability and happiness during a brief lifespan. We seek answers from the omnipresence of science and religion, but at the root of both is human beings meandering through reality to sustain an impure and selfish version of an isolating experience. Science simplifies the complexity of the universe to digestible portions journeying towards a valued explanation of just how meaningless we really are.

conscious thoughts are the brain’s paramour. 


Stephen ShoreRoom 219, Florida, 1977

My illustration for Nobrow 6, on the theme of doppelganger.

Micah Lidberg - Two headed lava worm delight, for The Few Gallery. Graphite & Digital

A few of Micah Lidberg's favourite things! For Nobrow 5 now also available as wrapping paper.

For the next year I’ll either be training marmosets with iPads or learning how to interpret next generation sequencing data.

There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone.

So much wisdom in Joshua Rothman's beautiful essay on Virginia Woolf’s idea of privacy.

Pair with legendary psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on developing our capacity for “fertile solitude.” 

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